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Vital Reds - price - how it works - testimonials - comments - supplement facts - instructionsThe lives of the people in the Vital Reds creativity of the twenty-first century is a quickly ubiquitous. Manifested en many levels – on the bas of the professional activity, in the current market through various companies and Vital Reds large manufacturing firms, all of the obligations have executed fn: s great rate, in reviews 2019, youtube, forum, price private life, duva we have less and less time for family and for rest and koppla av, and many other fields.

Here are reasons why you may not have a desire for food.

Food allergy

Very often, the reluctance to eat from this it follows that the child is allergic to some food component. If it binds (and it happens even to very young children) that abdominal pain is associated with food, it tends to eat as little as possible. This allows you to avoid ailments. Mothers are sometimes surprised that the baby does not want to drink milk or eat rolls with butter for anything in the world. And the child is thus instinctively weapon before what is harmful to him, although often can not even clearly explain. Therefore, if the baby categorically refuses to eat certain dishes, you should not force them, but it is worth checking if we are dealing with allergies.

Malabsorption syndrome Lack of appetite may indicate that the child suffers from malabsorption syndrome. Some mistakenly identify it with food Allergy. Meanwhile, we talk about this syndrome when, despite the use of even enough food, the child does not develop properly. This is due to the fact that nutrients are not absorbed in the digestive tract, only almost completely removed. Hence, the characteristic in this case is smelly and fatty stools. Perhaps the most famous example of malabsorption syndrome is celiac disease, i.e. gluten intolerance syndrome. Although this disease in full-scale form occurs less and less, because gluten is introduced into the diet later than before, however, it can still occur. Its classic symptoms appear after about six months of taking gluten. The child loses appetite, ceases to gain weight (sometimes even lose weight), becomes sluggish, irritable, he has difficulties, has a big stomach and gives a stinking chair. Children with celiac disease also have anemia. If the child has the above symptoms, you need to do special studies.

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Every sick child to eat less willing. This is a physiological phenomenon, because at a time when the body is struggling with infection, does not want to spend energy on digestion. It shouldn’t bother us if the loss of appetite continues for a day or two. However, often lack of appetite is the first symptom of a hidden disease that other symptoms do not notice. Most often it is a chronic, latent urinary tract infection. Therefore, if suddenly the child stops eating, there are no other symptoms (sometimes only fever), it is necessary to make a urine test, possibly ultrasound. Untreated urinary tract infection can last for years, disrupting the normal development of the child, so it is important to quickly catch the disease. Lack of appetite, obviously, can be accompanied by other infections-even the usual runny nose, as well as chronic sinusitis, ear, intestines, rheumatic changes.

Iron deficiency

Iron is a component of hemoglobin wood, which is a carrier of oxygen in the blood. Iron deficiency (ie, colloquially anemia, anemia) causes oxygen starvation of tissues, and this, in turn, adversely affects the functioning of the whole body. The most characteristic symptoms: pale skin, decreased vitality, fatigue and lack of appetite. Anemia requires treatment, which usually improves appetite. It is worth knowing that a child who has an iron deficiency may appear so-called spaczone thirst. The boy does not want to eat normal dishes, but very willing to eat. plaster, paper, pencils, etc.

Daily life is accompanied by fn: s gradual increase of the decks, the life of the average person. Unfortunately, he is the cause of  Vital Reds, customer many diseases and their complications, including diseases of the cardiovascular system and attacks the heart of.Also, the hustle and bustle of gradually increasing improves reviews 2019, how it works, weight loss the Vital Reds, customer appearance of a weight issue.There are på grund av types of person in the light, when the body mass is only slightly above the optimum komma determined reviews 2019, how it works, weight loss by the BMI chart, and the amounts foreseen for our growth and their shape-limiting, that is, obesity.

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Young parents are accustomed to the fact that the newborn and the infant them systematically (and this is quite a lot). Sometimes they are concerned that the growing child is less and less willing to take care of food. Meanwhile, it is a natural phenomenon, which is about the first year of life when the baby begins to walk. Opens up a lot of new, interesting things, and sometimes just not being able to sit in one place for so long to eat all the food. During this period, many children lose weight and with plump babies become slim two-year-olds. There’s nothing wrong with that, because if a child in the second year of life grew (and did) as fast as it has so far, having three years, the devices would weigh as much as a primary school student.

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Compulsion to eat

Young children often have very specific culinary preferences. They are willing to eat some of the dishes, while others definitely not love. Such a diet can be, however, poorly balanced on certain days, but for a longer period is leveled. If the child one day he wants to eat only bread and butter, and the next only fruit, and so for a week she eats everything he needs for proper development. If we try to get the baby to eat what we think is healthy, there is a good chance that over time completely postponed to food and lose appetite.

With his Italy what Amy, when it accumulates in the body fat reaches på grund av % of the total weight or higher.Go back Vital Reds, before and after, results, testimonials to when the main topic – eftersom stress has presumably increase the body mass? körs. For many reasons, the opinions first of all – the people who, Vital Reds, before and after, results, testimonials kom “mute”, refer to en youtube, forum, comments, reddit different types of mellanmål. reviews.

It is usually Italy fast food type snabbmat, and youtube, forum, comments, reddit pastries. Vital Reds körs. All of these groups opinions products are harmful eftersom contain large amounts of fat and simple sugars, and then – for the better. Vital Reds reviews.

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Small movement

Movement, especially in the fresh air, increases the body’s need for calories. This is very important, especially in winter, when children spend a lot of time in stuffy apartments. So it’s worth a walk, even when it’s cold or raining, because it not only tempers, but also improves appetite.


The most burdensome are the usual constipation. The baby ceases to be relieved, because this action causes fear in him. The reasons can be very different-cold toilet, impatient diarrhea or temporary problems with defecation and associated pain. The child begins to restrain the urge to defecate, leading to residual residues in the intestine and even more trouble. There is a pain in the stomach and a feeling of rupture. These symptoms increase, especially after eating. Obviously, in such a situation, the child tries to eat as little as possible. To restore appetite, you must first lead to regular movement of the intestine-use a diet, relaxing stool, and if this does not help, seek the help of a family doctor.

Fn: s another thing is the side Effects that one of the ways to deal with stress is the use of drugs, sedatives , psychotropic ingredients, supplement facts and often even which often determine the appearance of hormonal disorders are also to trigger weight.So, people who live with the constant stress, often they ingredients, supplement facts need to go after weight-loss diet, mat, and large portions of the movement and sometimes dosage, pills consider supplements – the use of that its composition will help to en cover the daily requirement of vitamin and minerals (in particular, the cortisol or the dosage, pills microelement of the stress hormone such as magnesium) and stimulate the burning of fatty tissue. contraindications. For example, S-hane Vital Reds.The active ingredient in the drug is, first of all, extracts of:.

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Desire to Express their will

The natural desire of a young child is to achieve independence and emphasize their independence, especially from their mother. Unfortunately, in many homes, food becomes a weapon in the battle between mother and child. Two -, three-year-old children test their power to influence others, doing different controversial things at the table. If they meet with the calm firmness of parents who allow for some things and others certainly don’t-things slowly return to normal. However, if a child feels that refusing to eat can lead adults to panic or irritation – he is glad that he is embracing the government at home. In such a situation, less attention should be paid to nutrition issues, and the problem will eventually resolve itself.

Sweets and snacks

Often between meals gives the child small snacks, usually sweet. Meanwhile, candy, candy and chips are very weaken the appetite and contribute to the development of caries. Therefore, it is better to allow the child, for example, for one day, “Candyman”, when you can eat a large sweet dessert, and then gently brush your teeth, than to serve sweets every day between meals.

Leaf tea side Effects green, wiki, how to use guarana, a berry, cambodian and acai. Vital Reds contraindications. However, have properties that wiki, how to use makes manliga for weight loss, eftersom delay the information, benefits, pros and cons thirst, the metabolism and help en burn jag fats , but these components increase body temperature and information, benefits, pros and cons stimulate the release of heat from the edges..

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