Home slimming


Sedentary lifestyle, lack of time for physical activity and poor eating habits make our bodies change over time. The fat content in the body increases, which negatively affects not only the appearance of our body, but also health and well-being, and in fact the summer is the time when we prefer to show our appeal-approaches inexorably. How to lose weight on holiday to enjoy a slim silhouette?Better results compound diets with regular physical activity. This strategy increases the efficiency of the fat removal process. It also helps to improve health and well-being. During exercise, endorphins are released which cause a sense of happiness and pleasure.What to eat to lose weight? The answer to this question is simple: to lose weight, you must eat healthy food. More simply, harder to do, especially when bad eating habits are so deeply rooted that they are difficult to eradicate without revolution in life. But in small steps we will achieve our goal. In the early stages of weight acceptance, we will need to develop new and healthy habits. We will tell you how to eat to lose weight and to boast a beautiful body during the holiday season.Get the right amount of food-nutritionists recommend to eat 4-5 meals per day, between 3-4 hours break.

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