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Eating bananas and spice dishes with basil or nutmeg is the answer to the question of how to increase the libido. More sexual desire, also offer massage oils of Jasmine or rose, as well as a variety of foreplay.The decrease in libido is influenced in particular by a longer break during sexual intercourse. Sexual desire is reduced in people who do not reach orgasm or have problems with sleep. Unwillingness to have sexual intercourse also occurs in diseases or because of stress.Physical activity and sex drive to increase libido, you need to exercise regularly. Exercises are performed at least 3 times a week, increasing the desire to have sex. They also improve the satisfaction of the relationship. During the sport, endorphins are released that reduce stress and anxiety. Physical activity also helps to improve the appearance of the body, which increases the sense of self-attractiveness. Confident people are more likely and willing to have sex.Behavior during foreplay and the place of employment of sexual relations are one of the reasons that affect the quality of sexual life. It is necessary to diversify the foreplay, for example, a sexy outfit or flirting in an unconventional way. Jaśminowy boiling oil or almond massage stimulate and increase perfectly the desire to have sex. Caffeine also has a positive effect on libido. Delicious coffee, for example, with the addition of flavoring syrup, can improve the potency. People who use certain spices, want to put more sexual relations. Aphrodisiacs contain fresh basil, the aroma of which stimulates the senses. The libido is also advantageously affected by garlic, which improves erection. Women, on the other hand, become more energetic after eating food with saffron. Cinnamon is warm and improves blood circulation, so that sexual sensations are more intense. The Same Ginger. It is necessary to take chili, to improve mood and excite. The same applies to nutmeg-perfect for desserts, but also meat dishes. Libido can be increased by referring to the extract of the Chinese tree Ginkgo biloba, which increases the amount of blood in the genitals and the brain.

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