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More than 8 million Poles have high blood pressure, another person has increased cholesterol and more than 60 percent. leads infection, sedentary lifestyle. But not only these factors lead to a heart attack or other cardiovascular disease. Here's what you can do to prevent from getting sick.Remember, breakfast recent research shows that people who reject breakfast have higher LDL cholesterol levels. So try to get up a few minutes earlier to eat a snack before you go to work.Do Not Smoke! Cigarettes is the main enemy of the heart and blood vessels. Overall, that smokers are at risk of myocardial infarction three times more than non-smokers. But if you stop smoking, it is after two years halved the risk of a heart attack, and in 10 years will be the same as in people who have never burned. Maybe you should stop...?Like a fish, you eat at least twice a week, because a number of butter, liver, eggs, and dairy are the richest source of vitamin D. and scientists have recently found that a deficiency of this vitamin contributes to the development of heart failure. His diet enriched especially fatty fish such as mackerel, herring or salmon.Are you overweight? Slimming this is important because every extra kilogram makes the heart work at higher speeds. Better go on a low calorie diet rich in fruits, vegetables and cereals. Beware of animal fats and sweets.Slow down the pace when you live in constant tension, your body produces an increased amount of adrenaline and cortisol. These substances affect the speed of the heart, hurt his rhythm. That's why you relax sometimes. When you're tired, you want to. You start with a good night's sleep. Try yoga or meditation.Stir quietly, she does not call to a killer Training. Just a systematic, soft workout: every day half an hour on foot, as well as swimming or cycling in your leisure time. Already such an effort, the bad cholesterol (LDL) good (HDL) to get rid of. In addition, they are not threatened with high blood pressure-one of the main causes of cardiovascular disease. Avoiding congestion it's hard to believe, but among the 691 heart attacks analyzed by doctors, almost one in twelve had a relationship to congestion. So, if it is not really necessary, do not travel in the city during peak hours. Why take the risk?Dental visit it's not just a radiant smile. Pay attention to your teeth, they are also the heart. It is proved that women suffer from paradontozę more common in the disease, coronary heart disease, than women with healthy teeth. So they promise: at least twice a year a dental examination.

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