Bio x4 reviews before and after


Summer comes, and it’s time to lose your kilos too much to be the most beautiful on the beach. We’ll give you some little advice !

The Beautiful Days come, and many people will make draconian diets to become too thin on the beach. We will show you some little Tricks Bio x4 reviews before and after to make you feel better in your body !

Bio x4 reviews before and after

Bio x4 reviews before and after

With the coming summer often comes the diet to feel at home on the beach. Some women prepare in advance and embark on a draconian Regime to lose a few pounds. However, many systems are not effective. We advise you not to take express diets that only have a negative effect on your body.

So stop eating green salad during meals and choose a balanced diet instead. Patricia Mondargan, expert lymphatic drainage, and gave some small tips Bio x4 reviews before and after for the media here. This allows you to list the things you need to feel better in your body and lose kilos in the long run. She says to lose weight, you need a good lymphatic circulation.

Bio x4 reviews before and after

TRICKS to lose weight :

For the first time in the Press, Patricia Mondargan has given a little advice to drink a glass of water every hour and run for at least 30 minutes a day ! Water makes the body well-hydrated, and the foot leads to good lymphatic circulation. Then you should not ignore certain foods at the diet, which you would put in the closet at diets Bio x4 reviews before and after!

The Regime does not mean taking everything for weeks. On the contrary. You just have to learn to eat differently and well-balanced. So Patricia Mondargan has revealed another little Trick. For them, the people who want to lose weight must accept the “color code white-red-green”. With other words: in the morning you have to eat cheese and fruit. Then at noon it is better to eat animal proteins with vegetables. In the evening, it is best to eat plant proteins such as lentils or tofu. This will allow better digestion at night and not bad fats for night stokers.


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