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To deal with these days is very easy if we have access to running hot water), requires us only systematic attention and effort. Many women and gi, because rls have a misunderstanding, to take care of their appearance, because it seems to them, that they should especially refresh nicely, make manicures and pedicures (of course, the beautician) and dress in chic outfits.Cool outfits and makeup will certainly not hurt, but they certainly do not cover up your lack of general hygiene, and this is daily! How often have you seen a woman on the street or bus with painted nails, oily hair or dirty or not to fresh clothes?How do I start taking care of you? To be a well-groomed woman, it is not enough to prepare well for special occasions and to let yourself go every day. Taking care of yourself is only visible if really systematic and durable. I think a woman can’t afford anything people sometimes call baby day.Daily hygiene and care (morning and evening) should always be done. The only excuse can only be a disease through which one does not get out of bed or is very weak. In any case, you need to perform daily, unfortunately routine, which is tedious and boring-activities. It is best to make it a habit, a habit, even a bad habit.So, at the points of daily activities that each well-groomed woman must perform. The first part will be compulsory actions, the second is optional, ie those that can contribute to a better appearance, but even without them Once a day this action for each person is necessary, not only for women ;), but if you want to be a really neat woman, do it in the morning and in the evening. There are times in which it is necessary to wash the whole body several times a day: Active lifestyle, physical activity during the day, a lot of hard work (for example, many meetings, working with people). You travel more than one hour per day (with public transport or in rural areas). Fast movement on the road, even many hours walking. Hours of shopping in supermarkets and galleries. Hot, hot days. Well, before you go to a party or date.

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