Ayds – Review 2019 – How it works?

Ayds is an appetite suppressant first released by Jeffrey Martin Inc and then bought by the Dep Corporation. Dep Corporation claimed that the ingredient in the product, which was in candy form, would result in a suppressed appetite and cause review weight loss.Ayds - Review 2019 - How it works?

Considering the unfortunate name choice, the supplement is no longer sold through an official website. So, if there were benefits, no one can make a purchase. In addition to doubts about whether it supports weight loss, there’s also reports of negative effects review when pregnant women consumed them.

Our research team took a look at Ayds and the one known ingredient that it contains to determine if it’s a useful product. Here’s their findings. Based on the fame and popularity of the Ayds diet candy, it attracted many business partners. Many individuals who were running pharmacies during the early 1980s wanted to engage start selling Ayds. However, the story changed as more competitive products emerged onto the market. By the mid-1980s, the product faced numbers challenges owing to its brand name, as the AIDS pandemic was introduced to members of the public.

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What is Ayds?

What is Ayds?Ayds is an appetite suppressant which was released on the market during the early 1980s by Jeffrey Martin Inc. However, it was later developed by Dep Corporation, who bought the rights to make the product. The product was mainly used to suppress appetite and subsequently reduces weight in adults. Ayds originally started out as a weight-reducing candy line. It was introduced by Purex during the late 1970s, which would later sell the Ayds product line to Jeffrey Martin Inc.

The new owners continued to produce Ayds appetite suppressant candies in a wide range of flavors before giving up production to Dep Corporation. Therefore, the candy and its accompanying products were at the center of the weight loss plan. All the users had to do was consume the candy or other associated products and wait for it to work. It was often recommended to consume the candy after breakfast to suppress appetite during the day.

Ayds – ingredients

The Ayds commercial candies were not associated with many ingredients. The company behind the product never reported all the Ayds ingredients that it had used to come up with the weight loss candies. Rather, it only stated the main ingredients which is responsible for the behavior of the candies whenever it has been consumed supplement facts. According to the company behind the product, the major ingredient among all the Ayds ingredients is the benzocaine chemical.Ayds – ingredients

This is the one that is responsible for causing users to have less desire to consume food and subsequently leads to weight loss. According to the National Center for Biotechnology Information, benzocaine is now used as a local anesthetic and pain reliever. However, the Food and Drug Administration has published many concerns about the safety of using benzocaine for this purpose.

Does Ayds work? How it works?

There are mixed feelings about the product”s reliability as far as weight loss is concerned. However, information indicates that it is a reliable weight loss product. There are numbers users who have come out supporting the effectiveness benefits and benefits of Ayds. Even though there have been a few negative reviews which have claimed otherwise, most of the reviews have been in favor of benefits the weight loss product.

Therefore, judging by the reviews, Ayds does work as advertised. Dep Corporation, which is the company behind the Ayds weight loss candy, did not make many claims beyond stating that their product can suppress the desire to eat. According to the company, the main ingredient which is present in the product can cause consumers of the candies to have a reduced desire dosage to eat food. This is the reason why the product found a lot of success following sti introduction onto the market.

Side effects

Side effectsThere are very few reports of side effects from consuming Ayds candy. There are little-to-no side effects associated with them. However, some users negative reviews have reported severe headaches and a bad aftertaste. The process of using any of the Ayds weight loss candies is very easy. Due to its simplicity, the company behind the candies have not suggested safe or advised much about the way the candies are to be consumed.

Users simply must open the pack and eat the candy instructions in bitesize chunks until it is finished. After the product hit the market during the early 1980s, it was able to win the hearts of many users. At the time, the industry for the manufacture of weight loss products had not expanded that much. Further, there were few products to satisfy the needs of users. Almost all the products dosage that were present at the time had a couple of shortcomings which accounted for their inability to meet the needs of customers. The Ayds appetite suppressant chocolate was introduced to outwit the existing products.

Ayds: Where to buy it? Price in stores

This is one question that is asked by most people who want to accelerate their weight loss. Individuals who have price heard of the past glory that has been associated with the Ayds candy are the ones that often ask this question. According to information best price on many blogs and other third-party sites, the Ayds candy is no longer cost available on the market.

  1. This is because the release of the free trial product on the market has been discontinued by the for sale Dep Corporation. Many factors led to the discontinuation order of the product. When the product was released onto the market during the 70s and 80s, it was able to win the favor of a good number buy online of customers around the globe.
  2. There is every chance that official site the product was amazon very tasty, especially considering that it was able to win walmart the attention of people amazon of all ages. According to a good number of Ayds pharmacy chocolate reviews, most store of the consumers of the product used to enjoy it.
  3. Although, some price consumers of the product indicated that cost the Ayds chocolate did not satisfy their taste. Overall, there were many consumers who enjoyed the taste of the diet Ayds chocolate order and some who did not.

Ayds: pros & cons. Reviews & Complaints

Ayds: pros & cons. Reviews & Complaintsi used the ayds candy bar in the 1970s and lost weight. I have been pros looking for it everywhere. now that i got online cons and looked for it, i know what happened. i just wish it was still on the market. it really worked. I, too, miss the AYDS reviews squares. They really did suppress my appetite. And I don’t understand complaints why they can’t just come back on the market with a different testimonials name.

Bet it d, make some company a whole results lot of money. My mom used Ayds candies to help supress her before and after appitite when she worked. I used to sneak them from her purse myself as a teenager. I loved the carmel ones. I would like to scam see them come back under a different name too. I think if there were more nutrients in them as well it could be marketed as a supplement like the calcium reviews chews are. they could even help overweight children.

Ayds review – Conclusion

Ayds review – ConclusionSo here it is: our final thoughts on Ayds. Well, we like that we found some positive customer comments and that it seemed reasonably priced, but the supplement lack of research connecting this website formula to weight-loss leaves us hesitant about suggesting this one. We’re also hesitant about it because customers are complaining about for men it not working. Weight-loss is a journey and you need the right weight-loss program that’ll help you reach your goals.

You need for women one using methods proven to work and buy backed by positive customer comments. Among the best products we’ve seen this year is one called Noom. The weight-loss system is founded on the healthy lifestyle changes you can adopt easily supplement and make part of your life so you lose weight and keep it off. It’s the fine touches like personalized meal plans and one-on-one coaching Ayds that makes this supplement program great.


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