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What is a healthy diet? What should we eat and how much? The base is enough liquid, fruits and vegetables. But sweet is also allowed.

You know the saying, “One Apple a day keeps the doctor away”? – One apple a day and you don’t need a doctor? There is certainly something true about this statement. However, recommendations for a healthy diet are a little longer active pk walmart, but still simple and not so complicated.

Nutritional recommendations for the population living in Germany are determined by the activism Gesellschaft für Ernährung E. V. (DGE) on the basis of scientific results. They are the basis of a complete diet.

The aim of these nutritional recommendations is, on the one hand, to promote and maintain human health through adequate nutrition. On the other hand, they should be given guidance on which foods are needed to meet their daily energy and nutrient needs, depending on age and gender, also in order to prevent malnutrition.

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These nutritional recommendations are published in conjunction with specialized reports from Switzerland (CH) and Austria (A) and also apply to these two countries.

Healthy eating: what and how much should we eat and drink active pk walmart?

In accordance with the reference values (D-A-CH, adults should consume no more than 50 percent of carbohydrates, about 30 percent of fat and about 15 percent of protein a day through food. But what exactly does this mean for our daily diet active pk? The aid nutrition pyramid serves as a guide for action here, which shows very clearly and systematically what and how much it should be consumed and drunk. The aid nutritional pyramid is explained below.

A sufficient amount of fluid will give your body a boost

Six portions (one glass = 150 to 200 ml) of low-energy liquid should be consumed daily. This cable is suitable or mineral water, tea, coffee, juice spritzers with a third of juice and two thirds of water contained. The mere fact that our human body consists of approximately 60 percent water and this is a building block of our cells, shows that water is essential to our body. It is also used as a solvent and means of transport of nutrients and metabolic products, and is involved in heat regulation.

Fruits and vegetables for a healthy metabolism

In addition, five servings of fruits and vegetables per day are recommended (one serving = a handful). Two servings of fruits and three servings of vegetables, such as seasonal salad (fruits), crudités with a delicious Dip, steamed vegetables for lunch, or as a smoothie of fresh fruits or vegetables. These provide essential nutrients such as vitamins, minerals and trace elements that our body needs for daily metabolism and cannot do on its own.

Folic acid required for cell division and formation active pk walmart, for example, is mainly contained in green vegetables such as field lettuce, kale and leek. Or vitamin C found in plant, Berry and citrus poppers, which, as an antioxidant, intercepts and makes harmless free radicals that can damage genetic material during metabolism.Fruits and vegetables for a healthy metabolism

What gives us energy and at the same time saturates

For saturation, four portions of carbohydrates per day are recommended. A portion of bread corresponds to the size of your own hand. In the case of side plates, it can also be two hands full. These are potatoes, rice, noodles and similar products such as couscous, meatballs and Spätzle. Products made from consumed grain are not only favorable for long saturation, but also very healthy for the intestines.

They stay longer in the stomach and provide good food for intestinal bacteria, which reduces the risk of, for example, obesity and colorectal cancer. However, four portions a day Nigeria Enough. Of course, you can eat less and Replace, for example, a serving with vegetables.


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