abdallah daarThanks to an agreement between the ONCE and its foundation and the organization of the event, the 2011 World Youth Day (JMJ), which starts this Tuesday in Madrid, will be the first in history accessible to pilgrims with disabilities, according to the ONCE, which collaborates with the organization of the event to make it possible.

The ONCE and its foundation and the JMJ signed an agreement several months ago to promote the accessibility of the days and, therefore, to ensure that all these pilgrims can participate on equal terms with the rest of the world’s youth. Tens of thousands of foreign visitors attend the event.

As a result of the agreement, the once and its Foundation have facilitated the accessibility of the web, the recruitment and training of volunteers among its employees, the dissemination of the programming and objectives of the world YOUTH day, visits to the Typhlological Museum of the organization of the blind and the commemoration of the event in the coupon August 20.

In addition, the labelling and accessibility for citizens with disabilities in general, and blind persons with severe visual impairment in particular, of both the facilities at which meetings with the pope will be held and the accommodation for pilgrims, have been evaluated and offered to persons with disabilities who also participate as volunteers.

In the same way, the once and its Foundation have made proposals of accommodation that are accessible and have been made available to the organization of the WYD its Sports Centre and Cultural in Madrid to accommodate 800 French pilgrims, of whom more than 200 have intellectual disability, and 60 of them use wheelchairs.

Accessibility has also been verified and improved in the more than 150 events listed in the “pilgrim’s guide” as possible activities to be carried out in the capital during the days of the day.